Reader Question:

i have already been friends because of this guy since I had been several years outdated. Since highschool and then into college, we started talking more. From the time he left his long-time gf, he is already been conversing with myself a little more. For the past international lesbian couple weeks, he is been chatting, texting and Skyping a whole lot more than normal.

I happened to be questioning if he was just conversing with me personally because we are buddies, because the guy doesn’t always have a girlfriend anymore, or is he interested in myself?

-Brie R. (Idaho)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Solution:

My choice is he is interested. Rarely do dudes talk throughout the cellphone with a lady, especially SKYPE, when theyn’t longing for a sexual union. You’re in a fantastic power invest this union.

The longer you’ll wait intimate contact, the more likely you are able receive a commitment from him. I am going to remind you to not initiate messages, phone calls or e-mails. Guys like to carry out just a bit of chasing knowing they will have a catch. Try to let him lead. Be happy and busy and discover exactly what he really does.

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